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Current Beers On Tap

We are constantly rotating our beer in order to keep options fresh. We strive to offer a great selection of all different types of beers to suit everyone's personal taste! 


1. Wolf Hills Brewing

     Honey Cream Ale            ABV: 5.0%

2. Allagash Brewing Co.

     Allagash White                ABV: 5.2% 

3. Lexington Brewing Co.

     Kentucky Bourbon           ABV: 8.2%

4. Wicked Weed Brewing

     Pernicious                        ABV: 7.3%

5. Golden Road Brewing

     Mango Cart                     ABV: 4.0%

6.   Gypsy Circus

       Vaudevillian                  ABV: 6.5%

7.   Sugar Hill Brewing

      Western Front               ABV: 5.3%

8.   Paulaner Brewing

      Oktoberfest                   ABV: 5.8%

9.   Yee-Haw Brewing

      Kolsch                           ABV: 4.7%

10. The Damascus Brewery

      Honey Mango Sour      ABV: 5.0%

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